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The 17th of December 2016 I received awards of "High Recognition" in Italy.

Here you can see the press-conference for one of the events, the conference was held in Lecce the 22. of October. 


I received "Premio Grande Maestro 2016" in Palermo, Italy,

the 17th of Dec. Given by EA Editore.

I am happy to show you some of my experiences

From my solo exhibition in Gallery Pingvin, Oslo

You can see the paintings which were exhibited here.

I am honored to be awarded by ITALIA IN ARTE NEL MONDO

 The Academy of Visual Art, Lecce, Italy

 International Education of Art and Human Rights, the 17th of Dec 2015


-Salento Event of Contemporary Art 2015, this year dedicated to David by Gian Lorenco Bernini

-International Award for Human Rights 2015, with entitled Homage to a Symbol of Peace to Anne Frank

-Honorary member of "Academia In Arte Nel Mondo Associazione Culturale  

Read more about the Awards here.

My painting "New direction" is presented in the Norwegian magazine KUNST January - next to the story about Charles Saatchi. I enjoy this connection very much, it was in 2008 I was contacted by Saatchi Gallery and invited to make a profile at their net-gallery. It was a giant step for me..and a NEW DIRECTION.




I participated with the painting "Over the Ocean" 

in Palermo, Italy, October 2015

 "The new Heirs of Pollock" 


The 25th of September I received

the Marco Polo International Prize 2015

in Venice.


I received the"Pieter Paul Rubens AWARD 2015" in Lecce, the 27th of June

"High recognition to Personalities in the World of Art, Science and Culture.
We are honored to inform you that you have been selected and candidate for the Award of " Peter Paul Rubens Award 2015".
Our Artistic Director, intends to express to you their appreciation for your work as a cultural and intellectual, with which, beyond the pictorial grammar implementation, has contributed to the development and affirmation of European Art in the world.


I am honored to be at the COVER of the Italian yearbook "Eccellenze".

With four pages and critics from Paolo Levi, Salvatore Russo, Stefania Bison and Sandro Serradifalco, edited in June 2015.

I was one of the selected artists for the most prestigious editorial project in Italy: Critics Award / Premio della Critica, 2015. 

"An artist who manipulates the sign. This is Kari Elisabeth Haug. An artist able to paint the silence of the world. The reality that she choses to represent, is a reality that Kari has in mind and heart.

An extraordinary reality, made of beautiful colors and a high signic synthesis. Its lines run through a new milky way and lead the observer into the beautiful paradise."

Dott Salvatore Russo (art Itailan curator)

I received the International "ROME Imperial Award 2015" in Rome

the 19th of May. I am really honored. 

"The international Prize ‘’Rome Imperiale’’ is a prize which all the artists aspire to and that is given year by year to important figures of the world of art and culture. The award will be given to a strict and selected number of artistic personalities.

Curator: Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo


I participated at MEAM 


17th -19th April 2015

                                             Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saverio Russo, Sandro Serradifalco and Jose Van Roy Dali.

The most important Artists in the world will be invited to participate at The Genius of Art.

The “Genius of Art /Il curatore’’ is a prestigious section, that will be published into the March-April number of the magazine Effetto Arte. Few International artists will take part to this new important editorial project. Inside the section will be given large field to artists like Warhol, Picasso, Dalì, Pollock, etc


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Inside the Museum complex ''Reale Albergo delle Povere'', that has been the expositive seat of the great XX century's masters as Malevic, Kandinskij, Lentulov, Chagall, Falk, Rozanova, Aleksandra Ekster, and of the great artists of the past, among which Fernando Botero, we arranged the secret room of arts, that is the Wunderkammer. The project by Salvatore Russo, avails itself of the collaboration of the International art consultant Mr. Francesco Saverio Russo.

The assignment of the curators will be to select 50 artists from all over the world, able to let the old and fascinating atmosphere of the Wunderkammer live again under a new interpretation. My Painting: "The Secret Room".



The 14th of December I received two prestigious awards in Lecce, Italy.
Raffaello Sanzio 2014 and Nelson Mandela Award, both within the field of contemporary art. The prizes were awarded at a sermony in the beautiful theatre ANTICO"G. PAISIELLO. I also will be decorated with a Master status and be a honor member of "Italia in Arte" 2015. Read more:


The 8th of December I received THE PRESTIGIOUS AWARD

"EUROPA IN ARTE" at the 1st EUROPEIAN BIENNIAL in PARIS. "Reserved for artists who most distinguished themselves among the exponents of Contemporary Art". 

Read more:



La Grande Exposition Universelle, the 23th of October 2014

After 125 years the great universal exhibition in Paris, some artists of different nationalities, will again be the protagonists with their works. Very few artists can boast the presence of their work within the symbol of the “Ville Lumière”. The event is organized by Ea Editore collaboration with the criticism of Salvatore Russo and artistic advice of Francesco Saverio Russo.

The son of Salvador Dali

Jose van Roy Dali

distributed the diploma.

I participated at The Museum of Louvre, October 2014     

               Curator: Salvatore Russo


     of Effetto Arte SEPTEMBER`14




The Italian Art Magazine Effetto ARTE celebrated the 25th anniversary issue of the magazine in December. They realized a dossier collection where they presented the 25 celected Stars that best represent  the great cultural and artistic value of the magazine.

The choices in this case were "dictated" by the great historical-artistic value of the artists works.





The Theme "Changes" - a Tribute to Life:

Man and nature live in connection, in a pattern we take part in. Every second something changes. Night follows day, joy follows sorrow. A cell is aging. In order to be part of this immense and grand eternity which is called «LIFE» we are obliged to handle changes, to see the reality, but also the possibilities. KEH 

Read the Article in Visual ArtBeat, Austria here.


"The new Heirs of Jackson Pollock", an article in The Italian Art Magazine Effetto ARTE, Mai/June 2014. 

My painting "Building the World" gets a full page.  Look at the painting here.


My paintings are exhibited in China, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu by

Gallery Steiner, Austria. In September I had a solo-exhibition at their gallery.

My paintings are exhibited in China, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu by

Gallery Steiner, Austria. In September I had a solo-exhibition at their gallery.

From my solo-exhibition "Sognando Edvard Munch" in Rome 2013.

The Norwegian Royal Embessy in Rome wrote:


The Frieze of Life

The Artbook Calenda 2014 released in Italy with Contemporary Artists and The Masters. My paintings (The Frieze of Life) are shown on the 13th, 14th, 27th and 28th of December. Edvard Munch on the 15th and the 16th of November.


More info about The Frieze of Life here (paintings) and here (giclee)



A unique, personal gift, painted in a intuitiv way, ordering as a painting or a digital print. More info here

A unique, personal gift, painted in a intuitiv way, ordering as a painting or a digital print. More info here



Drammens Tidende, Newspaper, 1st of August 2014