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Kari Elisabeth Haug

"Haug deeply feels the need for simplicity as important concept that apparently everyone seems to be forgetting. She uses the simplicity to approach her paintings, in order to allow the composition to have an opening. Her brushstorkes mix fragility and strength, simplicity and research. The artist recognizes to art the role of warning to arouse that feeling of amazement in our lives.
She is still able to wonder herself by living existences in a society that challenges us every day to recognize who we are. The Norwegian artist lives her own creative flow as means to give voice to her deepest inner self, confident to stay true to herself."

Laura Francesca Di Trapani 2019 (Italian art historian, critic and curator, 58. La Biennale di Venezia)

""Expectation, 120x100cm

I am very happy to be chosen to illustrate the front page on this book "Kunsten åpner kirkerom" (Art that opens the room of the Church) by Tellef Raustøl and also to be mentioned in it. 

And please follow me with the theme "Home" to Venice from 18.-27.May - parallel program 60.Biennale Di Venezia.


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