The Modern Painting - The VIVID ART

Den LEVENDE  kunsten

My exhibition in Fossekleiva Culture Senter/Vestfold Museums

Cafe Jebsen 3.February - 2. March

You are welcome!

So exciting! 

Kunst i kirkerommet - Art in the Church

 A project creating art inspired by church music and liturgy, 

Sande Church, 15. - 22. March, 

You are welcome to visit me in my atelier, please contact me here.

An artist able to paint the silence of the world. 

 The lines run through a new milky way and lead the observer into the beautiful contemporary paradise.

Italian curator Dott Salvatore Russo

 I create art where shapes and lines find new ways, solutions, leading into the secrets being inside each of us.

karieha@hotmail (0047) 45489914 Sande, Vestfold, Norway