The Modern Painting - The VIVID ART

Den LEVENDE  kunsten

I am really looking forward to the exhibition

at "Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende", Nøtterøy, the 14.-21. August.

In the meantime you are welcome to visit me in my new and beautiful studio in Holmestrand,

an hour from Oslo by car.

Please contact me here to make an appointment.

You can go directly to my web-gallery and have a look, please click at the picture below.

It would be nice to see you!



An artist able to paint the silence of the world. 

 The lines run through a new milky way and lead the observer into the beautiful contemporary paradise.

Italian curator Dott Salvatore Russo

 I create art where shapes and lines find new ways, solutions, leading into the secrets being inside each of us. (0047) 45489914 Sande, Vestfold, Norway