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Welcome to the series "Born to Freedom". If you want to know more about the inspiration for the pictures, you will find text at the bottom after the

last picture. Please click for bigger size.

"Born to Freedom" - Libertate Natum

Below you can read the Norwegian Magazine Kunst writing about it.

- Suddenly it changed, a silence covered city and country, people withdrew and much was put on hold. Society should not go back to where it was. We must begin the building of ourselves and society.


The painter Kari Elisabeth Haug works in themes, how to live the life we ​​are born into, each for us and in interaction with others and society's challenges. These are timeless and up-to-date topics with heightened relevance these days.


I keep wondering why life is so demanding? Nature and man are a creation in a universe so unique. And I think that if more were in balance, more people would be able to live their lives to the fullest. It is a fact that too many people struggle with their lives, even with a dramatic outcome.


In this theme exhibition, Haug pays tribute to the author Jens Bjørneboe, who is celebrating his 100th anniversary this year.

She says that Bjørneboe's novels for her have focused on the subconscious, the degree to which we can discover and understand ourselves. The extent to which our destiny is decisive for choice. To seek the "quiet interior" where we have the opportunity to meet ourselves and find the meaning in life.


This is how I was inspired by the works, I felt a freedom to be myself and to create my own

without the limiting thoughts.

The theme "Libertate Natum" has also received interest from abroad. The work with the same title is mentioned in the art book «WE Contemporary 2020», and Haug participates in an exhibition at UNESCO's headquarters in Italy this year.


The exhibition "Libertate Natum" is shown in "Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende" at Tjøme from 14-21 August. Kari Elisabeth also receives a visit to the studio on Bjerkøya in Holmestrand.

Kari Elisabeth Haug deeply feels the need for simplicity as an important concept that apparently everyone seems to be forgetting. She uses the simplicity to approach her paintings, in order to allow the composition to have an opening. Her brushstorkes mix fragility and strength, simplicity and research. The artist recognizes to art the role of warning to arouse that feeling of amazement in our lives. She is still able to wonder herself by living existences in a society that challenges us every day to recognize who we are. The Norwegian artist lives her own creative flow as means to give voice to her deepest inner self, confident to stay true to herself.

Laura Francesca Di Trapani, art historian, critic and curator. Chose Haug's art for the Biennale di Venezia in 2019.

There will come more paintings during the next week when the exhibition at Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende is opened.

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