Kari Elisabeth Haug was discovered by Saatchi Gallery in 2008 and invited to the Biennial in Florence the year after. In 2013 she held a solo exhibition «Sognando Edvard Munch» in Rome, and since then her paintings have been shown in China, US and in the famous art cities in Europe, latest at the Biennale Di Venezia 2019.

Haug is well known by her expressionistic expressions. Her works are literate and together with her experience in life she is inspired by writers, composers and philosophers. She is engaged in the society and hopes by visualising challenges the world could be a better place to live in.

Haug works in themes, which give more weight and focus to the paintings she presents. 

She uses the simple stroke and the vulnerable colour to emphasise honesty and seriousness in what she creates.

She courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand her own vision. Many of Haug’s works are exemplary of her penchant for monolithic, eccentric, dynamic forms, and bursts of emotion.

Paola Trevisan, Italian curator

Haug deeply feels the need for simplicity as important concept that apparently everyone seems to be forgetting. She uses the simplicity to approach her paintings, in order to allow the composition to have an opening. Her brushstorkes mix fragility and strength, simplicity and research. The artist recognizes to art the role of warning to arouse that feeling of amazement in our lives. She is still able to wonder herself by living existences in a society that challenges us every day to recognize who we are. The Norwegian artist lives her own creative flow as means to give voice to her deepest inner self, confident to stay true to herself.
- May 2019 (The faces of contemporary art/Woman`s Essence)

Laura Francesca Di Trapani, Italien historian, critic and curator