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Welcome to the series "Home - Land of Silence" that will be shown in Venice from 18. - 27.May 2024.

More works willl be added when the exhibition opens.

If you want to know more about the inspiration for the pictures, you will find a text at the bottom after the last picture. Please click for bigger size.

The exhibition/theme will be exhibited at Musa Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani-Revedin in. a parallel program to the 60.Biennale Di Venezia

Home - Land of Silence

From immemorial time, man has been on the run. We are chased by military regimes,

natural disasters and by values that are no longer ours. Geographical, mental and spiritual

aspects influence us. We seek inward. We want to protect, care for, find and build new


The theme «Home - Land of Silence « takes on new meaning. The focus is not on

abundance and luxury, but on something close and real. Towards identity. For who are

we? Who do we want to be? Without all the ornaments? Without the wrapping paper we

daily wrap ourselves in. When Home is no longer Home?

In this exhibition, I have given longing focus. The line shows the way. Not just

geographical movements, but mental ones. It is the storyteller and the guide that helps

me capture the wind, the moments, and the threads of life. In the rhythm of amniotic fluid

and life.

And it searches inward, to who we are, if we dare to be.

In this vulnerability I create and find connection and belonging.

With the circle and the free line, symbols in the rhythm of life. I am free to

create in this fragile landscape where mine and yours are no longer mentioned. Where

what was is no longer mentioned, but what is. You are the observer, alone and together

we give longing a home.

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