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Welcome to the series "Metamorphosis". If you want to know more about the inspiration for the pictures, you will find text at the bottom after the last picture. Please click for bigger size.

The series was exhibited at Musa Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, during the 59.Biennale Di Venezia

Ever since I was a child, I have wondered about life. I have thought and pondered, recreated, fantasized and composed, through happy prisms but also through other more demanding challenges. Society is demanding; who am I, alone, in interaction with others, nature, what is life?

The years have made me wiser, but the journey is ongoing, and I acknowledge that I constantly want to go deeper into my experience material to, if possible, find answers to the questions.

Art gives me the opportunity to create and to apply.

It becomes important to have a dialogue about life, death, about values ​​and the way each of us goes.

I want to get in touch with and convey basic human emotions and get to the core of ourselves.

I have searched in history, for writers, thinkers and composers who have lived in the same landscape as myself, in order to confirm their own assumptions and make them more universal and timeless.

This is how my previous work "Lyca`s song" came to be. Own experiences were linked to William Blake's poem "The songs of Innocence and Experience" where "Lyca" is the main character and meets the challenges of life.

This work led me on to Alhigeri Dante and his «Divina Commedia». Like Lyca, Dante is going through a life crisis, rejected by her own. This journey, through hell, purgatory and heaven, becomes for me the allegory that remains as the vulnerable and existential way of life. I experience that Dante's story shows the unfathomability of life at the same time as it shows hope and love. This is essential for me, and will also be a source of inspiration for the series «Metamorphosis».


The series "Metamorphosis" I work intuitively with "Divina Commedia" as a backdrop and focus on the life crisis that Dante is going through. Only one of the pictures has a title, it is the main work; «1302».

(In 1302, Dante was sentenced to death in absentia and deported from Florence.)

I want the viewer to be free to interpret the other works.

In Palazzo Pisani-Revaldin, the works create a dialogue between 13th century culture and modern expression. I am very glad and honored to be invited to this important event.

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